Auditorium and conference seating

Auditorium seating platforms

A spectacle or a lecture known to be the most interesting ever. The fact remains, the audience is more concentrated and appreciates more the presentation, once settled on a well-designed and practical auditorium seating. MASTER Industrie creative teams have applied this principle in conceiving hi-tech a Auditorium Seating  and Auditorium stands and platforms. 


Venues with our auditorium chairs

Our sets of auditorium seating and convention center seating are made to ornament all kinds of halls of all dimensions and characteristics. The company proposes an assortment of options that meets all preferences. Our range of auditorium chairs are proposed with all the features which make all Auditorium seating desirable in terms of comfort. 

MASTER Industrie are able to propose different Seating types of your Venus, whether Upholstered or Plywood, to maximize the audience comfort during the whole period. Auditorium seating benches combining either in wood or upholstery, can be used for space optimization and comfort. Some organizers choose other model of wooden auditorium chairs with fabric fixed cushions.


Easy setup

Our Convention center seating systems are designed to simplify, optimize and ease installation of various configurations. Among a multitude of retractable convention center seating platforms models, we propose mobile ones which can be dressed and positioned by only a few persons or can be completely automated. These types of seating systems can rotate and move around, by means of polyurethane wheels fixed to the structure and hence no external equipment is required, implementation of the patented EUREKA system. 

Apart from our range of manual maneuvered retractable seating, the company provides as well motorized models. All the operations are carried out with a simple remote control. Moreover, in a practical purpose, we consider useful to propose modular telescopic equipments of several dimensions, to allow particular dispositions according to the hall or venue characteristics or the number of spectators. 


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