Bleacher seating

Bleacher seating systems

For much easier operations and handling, MASTER Industrie’s bleacher system includes technical novelties. Each kind of mobile bleacher and all the models of bleacher seats presented in the catalogue characterize an important range of fixed or retractable bleacher platforms, conceived in accordance to the European and French security and comfort standards. 


Bleacher system engineered to fully exploit your venue space

MASTER Industrie has imagined every kind of situations in conceiving bleacher seating systems. Our mobile bleacher stands are designed in numerous sizes and forms to fit all venue dimensions or configurations. We can propose movable or fixed bleacher seats platforms, with retractable chairs allowing modulating the bleachers configuration according to the type of events or audience (sports, musical presentations, for young audience…).


Made for the audience best comfort

At MASTER Industrie, you can base your choice upon a lot of criterions. Wooden, plastic or fabric, artificial or even pure leather chairs… mobile or fixed stands… the company tailor makes its production to meet every organizer’s need and imagination to best blend in the seating system. But above all, we want to promote the best configurations for your hall and seating, so that the spectators feel most at ease. 

We design our products to enhance visibility. Particularly, aside of single-row bleacher system, we propose double-row retractable bleacher platforms for low ceiling height. This system consists of two rows of chairs on the same stage: the second row is positioned in a higher level. We also propose curved bleacher seating platforms that allow each spectator to have a better visibility towards the stage.


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