Cultural and theater seating

Modern theater seating stands, for the best spectacles experiences.

MASTER Industrie designs and produces accessible techniques to promote the practicability of any type of venues. The company is specialized in functional, flexible and aesthetical theater seating platforms, in the current context of a huge competition in events organization. Our ranges of retractable theater seating fall into the category of hi-tech mechanisms. 


Multi-purpose theater chairs platforms.

One of the biggest challenges for venues managers is to connect the facilities technicality to the audience comfort and the hall surroundings. MASTER Industrie “masters” and take account of this parameter ! Its offers include theater seating which are fashioned to fit all kinds of meetings. Dimensions vary according to the venue surface and the number of spectators. Technical features respond to various uses and methods and maintenance… Thus, whether it is a convention center or a gymnasium, whether it is an art show or a sports competition, we have a full list of ready to use theater seats stands.

You can choose a manually operated retractable theater seating with easy-to-use operation. You can as well order an automatic model of lecture theatre seat, deployed and folded with simple buttons on a remote control. Both of these telescopic platform for theatre are maneuvered with the same ease. Both include newly patented EUREKA system which makes the whole platform moving much easier, and avoids grounds damages during the installation. All of our products are delivered fully operational and users trained for its handling. 


Comfortable theater chairs.

Master Industrie telescopic theater seating structure provides a wide range of theatre seats from wooden to upholstered, in tissue to pure leather theater chairs to optimize and uphold the audience comfort. Our bleachers or lecture theatre seat are planned to allow the audience get the full advantages of the shows or the events they attend. For instance, some of our theater seat platforms are installed in a curved arrangement to allow a more intimate experience, for the duration of a show. 


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