Stadium, arena and sports seating

Comfort for your audience, using functional stadium, arena and sports seating systems.

At MASTER Industrie, we promote innovative solutions to make your halls and venues more welcoming and practical. Our range of arena sports seating stands is designed to enhance the audience sight and your venue's capacity. The design of our arena seats platforms, custom-made structures, aims at giving you as much flexibility as possible to adapt to all kinds of events quickly and therefore maximize your potential revenue.


Secure and stable equipments. 

Made of stainless steel with high quality welding process, our fixed arena seats stands or telescopic platform for stadium are designed for high resistance to time and wear, and for optimum impact strength. To achieve this, MASTER Industrie’s arena sports seating steel frames are coated with thermo-setting polyester paints, after some phosphating and degreasing operations. 

The telescopic platform for stadium or arena decking is designed with 2+ cm width treated timber plywood. This allows spectators to move the way they want on the retractable arena seating. In short, the audience feels more secure and at ease, on a very strong and steady structure. 


Stadium chairs designed to make your venue even more beautiful.

Either our retractable arena seating or our fixed arena seating are designed to improve the aesthetics of your venue. For instance, our retractable stadium seating structures are painted in black to easily match the surrounding colours. However, other colours stay available on demand.

MASTER Industrie works with designers to give the arena seats the best outline to match your event or hall. Super-strong plastic seats may be used as Stadium seats, when wooden or upholstered seats should be chosen for concert halls or conference rooms…


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